Blogger Ammon Cunningham on Monument Valley

September 15, 2017
Whenever writer, blogger and travel enthusiast Ammon Cunningham thinks of his home state of Utah, he thinks of the many travel destinations that mark the place. Because of this, Ammon feels it his duty to let readers and others in on the open secret that Utah features many of the most spectacular travel destinations in the United States and the world.

Among Ammon Cunningham’s preferred travel destinations is Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. This is an integral part of the massive Navajo Indian Reservation, which covers a massive 27,000 square miles and parts of three states. That said, the Tribal Park is located almost entirely in Utah. The Monument Valley is highly recognizable to people all over the world, in part thanks to the entertainment industry. Over the past century, its natural features have been featured in many films and commercials. There is no mistaking the gorgeous red mesas, buttes, and the surrounding desert. One sight in particular is the Valley Drive, a 17-mile dirt road that winds through the most scenic areas of the park. That includes the Monument Valley Visitor Center, which includes beautiful views and photo spots, and is conveniently located near the entrance of the park.